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accredited skills stage 3 Textiles/Fashion

CITY & GUILD accredited skills stage 3 Textiles/Fashion

The School offers students a City & Guild Accredited qualification in Skills Stage 3.  Consisting of 7 modules this is a 360-hour course (180 hours in the classroom and 180 hours at home) which involves creating 3 well produced complex garments and further understanding of the use of Fabrics, Textile Design and sewing techniques.  On completion of the course which would run for 6 hours 1 day a week for 30 weeks the practical work would be assessed by Janet Robinson and Julie Gallagher and then sent for final assessment, internal qualification assurance and certification to Partner College the School of Stitched Textiles www.sofst.org  in Lancashire.  Students, if successful, would then be awarded their certificate, issued by the School of Stitched Textiles.

The course would be available to applicants who had achieved either Skills Stage 2 or an equivalent standard of award.

The course once completed successfully by each individual student carries a certificate for Skills Stage 3 and acceptance onto study for Skills Stage 4.

Skills Stage 4 Accredited course is the next progression.  With success of these levels, it is hoped to proceed to Master Practitioner training.

Prices for Skills stage 3 City & Guilds Accredited 360 hour course £1940 (this includes enrollment and certification) Payment can also be made in 4 instalments.

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