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Beginners certified course

This offers the students a certified introduction to City & Guild with no obligation to continue into level 1.  Just for 1 day students would spend time at the School of Stitch and develop a small project that would be assessed for certification.  This simple and enjoyable one day course could also be purchased as a gift.

City & Guild level 1 Certificate in Design and Craft Fashion Wear.

The School offers students a City & Guild qualification in level 1 sewing.  This is a 30 hour course which involves creating simple garments and understanding the use of Fabrics and sewing techniques.  On completion of the course which would run for 1 day a week 5 hours for 6 weeks consecutively, or for 10 evenings 1 evening per week, the practical work would be assessed by Janet Robinson and Julie Gallagher and then sent for final assessment, internal qualifcation assurance and certification to Partner College the School of Stitched Textiles www.sofst.org  in Lancashire.  Students, if successful, would then be awarded their certificate, issued by the School of Stitched Textiles.

The course would be available to all levels of applicant, from school leavers who maybe did not achieve necessary criteria for a degree course in Fashion:  Machinists already employed within the fashion industry and wish to achieve qualifications for their skill:  Mature applicants who have maybe had family and now wish to improve their career prospects:  Also apprenticeship training may be offered under the government funding scheme, this is something to be looked at in the future.  It is believed that offering the qualification to a diverse range of applicants would initiate an interesting and positive dimension within the classroom – those already with experience would benefit by sharing their knowledge to those without previous experience.

The course once completed successfully by each individual student carries a certificate for level 1 and acceptance onto study for level 2.

Level 2 would be offered in 2016 for all students wishing to continue and level 3 in 2017.  With success of these levels it is hoped to proceed to level 4 and then to offer Advanced Practitioner training.  Once established the School will be prepared to offer all levels in Garment making and also to start courses on Stitched Textiles and Pattern Cutting.

Prices for level 1  30 hour course £460 (this includes certification)

Price for Beginners session £75 (this includes certification)